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Tomomi On The Farm (CBC)

Demo Reel


Darkside film composer Greg Andersen

Original Score for Darkside, 2021

Directed by Spencer Zimmerman

Mobius Sqaud Composer Greg Andersen

Original Score for Mobius Squad, 2021

Directed by Ross Branch

Kids on the wall composer
Kids on the wall composer Greg Andersen music

Original Score for

Kids On The Wall (2020)

Directed and produced by

Bryan Jennings.

California, USA

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The Substitute Composer Greg Andersen Crazy8s

Original Score for

The Substitute (2020)

Directed by Malibu Taetz

Vancouver, Canada


Original Score for

Tomomi On The Farm (2020)

Directed by Craig Range

Vancouver, Canada

Baba Yaga Composer Greg Andersen

Original Score for

Baba Yaga (2019)

Animated by Nicole Es

Vancouver, Canada


Standing Wave Past Tense Composer Greg Andersen
UBC classical composer Greg Andersen recording his Quartet

Recording Wet Paint On Old Canvases (string quartet)

at Barnett Hall, Vancouver Canada.

Players from left to right:

Yiyi Hsu, Tory Rose, Lucy Strauss, Lyla Lee.

Recorded and mixed by Henrique Andrade

Standing Wave Ensemble plays the music of Greg Andersen Composer

Premier of Past Tense for sextet with the Standing Wave Ensemble at Compocon 2019. 

Greg Andersen Record Producer Warehouse Studios

Record Producer for A Touch Of A Coat by Antony Knight and Norma Mando. Warehouse Studio, Vancouver. 2021.

Greg Andersen with Composer Antony Knight Warehouse Studio

Going over the score with Composer Antony Knight at Warehouse Studios in Vancouver.


Greg Andersen Quartet Jazz Piano
Jazz pianist Greg Andersen at Tyrant in Vancouver

Performing with Music For Peace: Wynston Minckler, Jason Winikoff, and Taees Gheirati. Iranian/Jazz set at

Tyrant Studios in Vancouver.

Greg Andersen Quartet recording at Hipposonic Studios

Recording the score for The Substitute film with Todd Stewart, and Sam Baglier at Hipposonic studios in Vancouver, Canada

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